Pete Cage, Master of Amps

Recently I had the need to get an old guitar amplifier repaired, as it was starting to crackle and spit at me every time I wanted to play.  The amp is an old Fender Twin Reverb from the 70s and it has such a beautiful wholesome sound.  Since I use the amp for recording music, I decided I needed to get it sorted out.

I reached out to a guitar aficionado friend of mine, James Finnerty, who just released a book on Gibson pickups.  He informed me that I should bring my amp to Pete Cage, an amp repairman out of Maryland who is notorious for his craft.  So I did just that!



Pete only works on vintage, all tube guitar and bass amps, so if your unhealthy amp fits the description, he’s your guy.  I was struck by Pete’s workshop, and told him that I’d like to fire off some pictures of the space since I found it so photogenic.





Pete keeps his work space organized and tidy, which enables him to be thorough at his craft.  I was impressed with his professionalism and candor.  He explained what he was going to accomplish with my amp, why some changes needed to happen, and how I would eventually benefit from his work.  And true to his word, I couldn’t be more pleased.

My amp sounds so much more lush and beautiful, and feels solid.




For those in need of Pete’s services, here is the link to his site.

Cage Amplifiers 

Thanks to Pete for letting me into his space and also making my amp sound angelic.

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